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Involves taking out one large debt to pay out several old smaller debts, which would then be closed.
Yes we will check your credit history. Don’t worry, bad credit doesn’t affect what we can do. It’s part of establishing your financial situation. Many clients think their credit history will be great but the reality is if you’re behind on your debts this is unlikely. Getting your credit history will help provide realistic information on what your options are
Yes. Bad credit does not mean we don’t have an option available for you.
In order to present you with accurate information we need the correct information about you’re situation from you. Many of our clients want to make their situation appear better than it is. We don’t care if you’re behind, have or bad credit, or have 20 credit cards. It doesn’t affect what we can do. It order for us to do our best for you we need you to tell us about everything
This is a debt relief measure available to all consumers in South Africa which is provided for in the National Credit Act. The process is designed to assist consumers who are over-burdened and struggling with their debts through budget advice and negotiating with the credit providers for reduced payments and restructuring of debts. The idea is to give consumers financial power whilst allowing them to have a five year plan to settle and pay off all their debts in approximately five years.
Yes it is possible to rent a property, renting is different from taking a new credit agreement. To facilitate with the issuance of a lease you will be provided with a letter to the responsible agencies or landlord indicating that the rentals payable are catered for in the budget and you can afford it.
No. DebtHub has partnered with various service providers so that you will be in a position to get the best service from the best service provider. It’s not easy for you to run around looking for the best service provider in South Africa.
Yes. It might not seem possible but EVERY year over a thousand people DebtHub work with become debt free (this does not affect your mortgage and car loans). You can do it too. Imagine what you could do if you were debt free!

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